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Vanguard Behavioral Solutions (VBS) offers sophisticated, consumer centric, cloud-based, assessment, treatment plan, and treatment review tools that achieve and seamlessly document enhanced provider efficacy, patient outcomes, and health care cost savings. The solution meets HIPAA privacy compliance, portability requirements and exceeds typical state and federal regulations. Unlike behavioral health software or electronic medical record products which typically streamline and organize existing practice, VBS methods transform how providers understand the patient and redefine the therapeutic change process by:

  • Directly accessing patient input through self- report assessments
  • Expanding patient understanding by consistently assessing 15 life domains
  • Dependably integrating patients priorities in treatment process
  • Increasing clinicians’ accountability for outcomes
  • Ensuring clinician utilization of treatment process and outcome data
  • Facilitating adoption of evidence-based practices
  • Establishing and incorporating best practices among providers

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