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VBS Positive Impact on Conventional Treatment is Independently Validated by Research Studies

An independent research firm, Beacon Scientific, of Albany, New York, conducted evaluation of the Vanguard Solution impact on clinician/practitioner behaviors, consumer outcomes, and cost-saving implications, with the following findings:

  • Reliable assessment of 53 psychosocial items rarely captured by clinical interviews resulting in more comprehensive evaluations

  • Significant reduction in clinician/practitioner/consumer discrepancy of problem severity from 32% to 25% within three months as compared to 40% discrepancy in conventional treatment, resulting in better therapeutic relationship and greater use of consumer input

  • Significant increase of treatment goals by 29% within three months reflecting more targeted change versus up to 61% less goals across 3 comparison treatment sites

  • 38% increased consumer retention in a three-month period and 70% less treatment attrition over one year reducing treatment dropout risks (e.g., psychiatric difficulties, health problems, abuse experiences, legal troubles, and utilization of inpatient services)

  • 49% reduction of psychiatric admissions reflecting greater stability and functioning, and substantial behavioral health savings

  • 58% faster attainment of treatment objectives suggesting increased consumer investment in treatment and greater treatment efficacy resulting in considerable life improvements

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