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Cloud-based Tools

At VBS, we have uniquely embedded effective components of behavioral health treatment within a cloud-based technology solution built on extensive field studies with public sector mental health and substance abuse providers. The solution involves substituting current clinical practice with the use of VBS initial assessment, a 15 domain rating scale, a treatment plan and a treatment review methodology resulting in more patient centric, efficacious treatment.

  • The initial assessment involves using a response contingent, multiple-choice, patient questionnaire that yields a comprehensive psychosocial evaluation and promotes a more sophisticated clinical interview focusing on understanding the patient, not simple information gathering. The combination of patient questionnaire and clinical interview results in a broader, more in-depth assessment unmatched by a clinical interview alone. (See Initial Assessment PDF).

  • Within the initial assessment process is the independent completion of a 15 life domain rating scale by the patient and clinician. This scale reveals the patient and clinician rating of severity across life domains which reflect both the patient priorities and discrepancy with clinician. This scale enables discussion that strengthens the patient/clinician relationship and ensures development of patient driven treatment goals. (See Rating Scale PDF).

  • The initial assessment and 15 life domain rating scale jointly leads to greater understanding of patient, appreciation of patient priorities for treatment and a collaborative relationship which fosters more meaningful treatment planning than current practice. Consistent with the initial assessment and rating scale, treatment planning begins by identifying which of the 15 life domains is to be addressed by treatment goals, objectives, methods and time frames. (See Treatment Plan PDF).

  • The above clinical methodologies are repeated during every treatment plan review according to state regulations or institutional policies. An abbreviated patient questionnaire (similar to initial assessment minus all historical items not subject to change) combined with 15 life domain rating scale yields a refined updated assessment that tracks patient progress, treatment impact and present patient priorities essential to meaningful treatment plan review. (See Ongoing Assessment PDF)

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