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Clinical Informatics

VBS is committed to demonstrating “Solution Value” by ensuring that our cloud-based tools captures sophisticated clinical informatics which verify increased treatment efficacy by clinicians, improved patient outcomes, and reduced utilization of expensive ancillary services (psychiatric and substance abuse rehabilitation admissions, ER visits, medical hospitalizations, etc.). To achieve this, VBS tools seamlessly capture comprehensive data regarding patient demographics, clinical process, patient outcomes and service utilization to help project costs savings. Data collection begins during the initial assessment and progresses through each treatment plan review thereby reflecting the entire process.

In addition to the VBS clinical certification process, behavioral health executives receive a 90 minute webinar which reviews cloud-based tools and their application, illustrates impact on assessment and treatment practices, and demonstrates the embedded data collection resulting in clinical informatics. The webinar provides an overview of the in-depth, valuable information revealed by clinical informatics (e.g., patient outcomes per clinician and clinic, cost-effectiveness of treatment, etc.).

  • VBS informatics have numerous advantages and benefits. For example, VBS informatics
  • is more robust than most EMRs because data is derived from both patient and clinician input
  • is seamlessly collected in a standardized manner to reveal benchmark treatment and “Provider Best Practices” disseminated for continual improvement across providers
  • eliminates additional processes or staff devoted to outcome management
  • avoids costly modifications to an EMR systems to achieve better outcome tracking
  • abolishes need additional investment in research or training regarding best practices.

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