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15 Domain Framework

VBS cloud-based tools were developed using an innovative and comprehensive 15 life domain clinical framework (see below) derived from clinical experience, subject matter experts, and clinical research. This framework originated in response to the need for broader assessments and treatment perspective consistent with the difficulties of the high cost, high need (i.e., medical, addiction and psychiatric comorbidities) population. The framework expands beyond the 7 domains pioneered by Thomas McLennan PhD and typically used by NYS substance abuse treatment providers. In fact, our field studies suggest that domains in yellow are assess less than 10% of the time.

The VBS framework advances current clinical practice by providing a standardized clinical model that:

  • Produces broader assessments for better understanding of patients
  • Shows correlation among domains (e.g. alcohol abuse and poor social skills) for refined treatment planning
  • Facilitates communication among providers for better coordination of care
  • Aligns with many Evidence-based Practices such as treatment receptivity, motivational interviewing, and harm reduction perspectives.
  • Exceeds the clinical sophistication of assessments typically develop or offered within EMR products.

For more information regarding 15 Domain Perspective (see PDF)

Successful application of cloud-based tools and clinicians’ evolution towards treatment efficacy relies on the provider training (see Provider Certification Process).


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