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VBS Values the Collaboration with Various Stakeholders (e.g., Private Practitioners, Public Clinics, Research and State Agencies, etc.)

Dr. Amy Earshen, Psychiatrist, Private Practice, Ballston Lake, New York 

My patients have revealed much more information (i.e., both amount and type) through web-based assessments than obtained during first session clinical interview.  Invariably, the assessment reports provide significantly more information than typically acquired across the initial few sessions.  My patients seem to enjoy comparing their own self-assessment with my impressions fostering the therapeutic relationship and the focus on their goals for treatment. The step-by-step process guiding use of web-based instruments has made completing intake assessments easier. With minimal practice, I have enjoyed completing assessments faster.

Kerry Strnad, CSW, Director Samaritan Hospital, Continuing Treatment Services, Troy, New York

Continuing Treatment Services offers rehabilitative services to severely impaired dually diagnosed individuals. Our program was looking for ways to navigate barriers such as lack of method to incorporate consumer input, need for a more advanced model addressing mental health and substance abuse practices, improving implementation of evidence based practices, and no data collection method to capture outcomes. The Vanguard product accomplished all these things and more. The 15 domain framework made sense and the tools provided a practical means to implement clinical improvements, linking assessment information to treatment planning and ensuring the consumer is involved in each step of this process. These elements were exciting as they encapsulated the philosophy of client driven care.
The consumer reaction was positive with individuals stating they felt heard and empowered. Clinicians/practitioners, including myself, reported it profoundly changed their rationale for selecting treatment interventions and lead to more comprehensive treatment. The impact of using the Vanguard Solution was very impressive; among the results were faster attainment of treatment objectives and significant reduction in psychiatric admissions. As an administrator, I was excited to see a computerized solution that would gather demographic, psychosocial, and clinical treatment data without adding any process to the normal work flow. Now we are able to track and analyze change over time-- on an individual consumer and programmatic level.

Dr. Anthony V. Rubonis, Psychologist, Researcher and President of Beacon Scientific, Albany, New York

VBS has developed sophisticated and comprehensive assessment/treatment planning instruments, which provide an uncompromising balance of psychometric quality and clinical utility. These instruments are derived from sound theoretical principles. VBS’s commitment to scientific excellence in behavioral health is laudable.

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